Saint George's Church: Tourism and Rental

Amersfoort is a much wanted city for gatherings, concerts, symposia and other events. Central to the historical city town rises the Saint George’s Church (Dutch: Sint-Joriskerk), a stunning location for everyone who loves style and allure. Generosity and flexibility are most important to us.

Every Sunday the church is occupied by the Saint George’s Church congregation. The Saint George’s Church is available for rental or visitation every other day of the week. With the explicit notion that the activities shouldn’t conflict with the nature of the building.


Interested in visiting the Saint George’s Church during the summer opening? Come visit us! Contact us for more info on group tours.

Book a visitation with the “Amersfoortse Gidsen” (Guides of Amersfoort), or with “Gilde Amersfoort” (Guild Amersfoort) for a guided walk around the church and a tour inside the church.

Saint George’s Church: openings

Winter opening 2023

This winter we hope to welcome you in our church! Take a moment to enjoy the silence or marvel at the only medieval church in Amersfoort.

Dates: A few winter saturdays
Open: from 12 AM to 4 PM
Entry: €2, entry includes a brochure. Children aged 0-12 can enter for free.


  • Saturday Februari 5th
  • Saturday Februari 25th
  • Saturday March 5th

You can also consider visiting the church outside the visitation hours. To book a tour inside or around the church, please visit our page tours. Our expositions are announced on this page.

Saint George’s Church: openings

Touristic summer opening 2021: May 26th – October 16th 2021

This summer we hope to welcome you in our church!

From May to October 2021 the church is opened for visiting. We host multiple expositions in line with this year’s touristic theme: An ode to the landscape.

We host four different expositions. These expositions are contributed to the same theme. Titles of the expositions are: “An ode to creation”, “Paradise”, “Nature” and “See Beyond”. Artistic styles and techniques will vary.

Dates: May 26th – October 16th 2021
Tuesday to Saturdays: from 11 AM to 5 PM
Entry: €2, entry includes a brochure. Children aged 0-12 can enter for free.