The Sint-Joriskerk Amersfoort has openings in the summers and winters of each year. During summer openings the Sint-Joriskerk invites artists, creatives, photographers or historians to host a gallery, concert or artshow.

Summer expositions 2020

Currently we are working on the planning of the expositions of summer 2020! This year’s theme is the 75th year of liberation in Amersfoort.

The summer openings will run from June 16 till October 24 2020. You can visit the church and take a tour or visit by yourself. During the summer openings there will be expositions and exhibits, which you can find down below on this page.

There is much more to see than the outside of this impressive building. You can step inside to look around every week during openings from Tuesday until Saturday from 11 AM to 5 PM. Entry costs €1, including the multi-langual folder. Children aged 0-12 can enter for free.

See Beyond. An exposition by Rietje Bakker Art.

Rietje Bakker is the first artist in the line-up of the summer expositions of 2020. The artist exhibits her expressions in acryllic during the period of the 13th of May to the 13th of June 2020.

Jan van der Meulen and Koos van Noppen will show their works called “bespiegelingen” (English: through the mirror). The art will reflect the past and present of real inhabitants of Amersfoort.

Galerie Absoluut will exhibit their art inspired by this year’s theme: freedom!

What does freedom mean to you? The artists of Galerie Absoluut have expressed their understanding of Freedom in their creations for ‘expositie Vrijheid’ (exposition Freedom).

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033Fotostad closes the summer opening with their photography exhibition ‘Coming Home?’. The exhibition showcases different photographs from the return of different kinds of people in the aftermath of WW2.