Openings from 28 May – 3 November 2024

The St. George’s Church is open to visitors on specific days. A place of peace and quiet, or to explore the unique building. We open our doors every summer. This year we’re open for visits from Tuesday 28 May – Saturday 3 November 2024. We warmly welcome everyone to visit and admire our church during this time.

This year’s theme

During the summer opening, we organize various exhibitions featuring artists from the city, region, and the country. This year, the tourist theme for Amersfoort is “Water.” Water is vital for the city, and we trace our origins back to it. All artworks from the four exhibitions in 2024 align with this theme.

More information
Visit us between May 28th and November 3rd, 2024. We are open from Tuesday to Saturday, between 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Admission is €2, free for children under 12 and for Friends of the Joriskerk.

Tours outside of opening hours

Visits to the church outside of opening hours are only possible with a booked group tour. This is possible at Amersfoort Guides or Amersfoort Guild!